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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sakti ; The Beginning

Di sini lahirnya pemimpin

Assalamualaikum & Hi.

Sakti, the beginning. Hmm well I don't where to start. Ini semua akibat tengok video yang tengah viral pasal budak Sakti tu (Nak tengok sila layari Youtube , tajuk dia Kotak). Meleleh air mata tengok video yang adik-adik Sakti ni buat. Jadi makin menebal rasa rindu pada sekolah. It's been 3 years kot tinggalkan sekolah, but I still tak boleh move on. Probably Sakti is the worst goodbye in my life. I know some of you mesti membebel 'Weh dah la weh , move on weh' but nope I can't and I won't. So, sebelum sambung cerita, mai kite throwback sikit zaman-zaman sekolah.

Ini dah kira paling stylo la zaman tu hahaha
Paling cantik la zaman tu

Adik-adik roommate buatkan banner time final year. Terharu

Time drama Nora Elena tengah ditayangkan. Sanggup bersesak.

I'm not saying that University life is no fun. It's fun. Just, Sakti is more better than this. I still remember the first time I knew I'm going to stay in hostel for 5 years. Worst. No words can describe how awful I feel. Because, I'm growing up hating Sakti a LOT due to some rumors that the students are incredibly arrogant and I don't want to be one of them. But Allah SWT knows better than me. Siapa sangka, in the end, this is the place that I dearly miss right now. 

Where else you can find someone who care about your bed time sleep?
Dekat Sakti, kita ada warden yang always make sure we won't forget to recite Al-Mulk before sleep and switch off the light at 11pm.The life after 11pm is actually fun, because you still want to do things (homework, basuh baju, bergosip) but at the same time, you need to keep your eyes open so that you won't be caught by warden bertugas.

 Jamuan Makan Kelas 1 Delima which also known as kelas dilemma 
Kawan-kawan pegi toilet berjemaah except for budak lelaki sebelah tu k

Classmate 2007 which end up as a bunch of best friends #SLCForever

I learned a lot of things from this place. Mostly about how to be independent and friendship. It's actually more like an adventure of life. Sebab kita masuk asrama seawal umur 13 tahun. Ages where mostly of us during that time was going through puberty. The critical stage of life ; rebellious (which is why warden tu dah mcm enemies for some students) And during that time, we only have each other to depends on- the other friends who going puberty too. Its' a struggle. But the best one. 

We experiences our first heartbreak, our first independent life and learn how to share with each other (especially bab makanan hahaha) Whatever we do, teachers still protecting us, guiding us. Macam ayat Teacher Linda , 'Letting go my baby turtle to the sea'.(lebih kurang macam gitu lah). And one thing I remember, the teachers always remind us how scary the world outside the fences, so we must be well prepared for whatever coming. And they were right. Thus, Thank You Ya Allah, for the opportunity, for teachers, for Sagacious 94 , for seniors and juniors and for everything. I miss you Sakti, and the people I met there. Every single one of you. 

Adik-adik yang dapat asrama tapi ragu-ragu nak masuk, here my advise, if you want some adventure in life, why don't you try and take the opportunity? Tak salah mencuba kan? 

And here I am, 12.39 pm and still writing with no one tell me to go to bed. 

p/s: Banyak lagi gambar-gambar menarik, tapi biarlah jadi kenangan diri ni sorang. 
Credits to Syuhada Faezah, roommate comel saya.