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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


This is awkward..... -___-
But I still want to write about this .
The feeling that I always want to tell other.
(Ini akibat menonton drama Korea: Flower Boy Next Door)
Does its exist?
Yes of course I know it exist because without love I wont be here, 
writing this awkward post. 
The terms of love that I want to focus today
 is about that teenage love. 
Does it really exist? 
That promise that people always made towards each other. 
Does it really a promise?
 I often online Facebook and watch so many things that related to love. 
Does it really real?
 Does the people really mean it?
 I'm saying this not because I'm jealous or what.
 But I think its all fake until its proven.
 Well, I once try.