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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Why ?
Here the story .
My friends and I were lining up for ice-cream .
Then, the moment when I'm turning my head,
I saw my crush...opss noo! 
Its His brother actually.
Put away the excited feeling .
Let's talk about how stupid and embarrassing I look.
I was very shocked at that moments !
What a small world right?
And the stupid part,
 was when I was staring straight to his face !
Its was a long-stare , believe me.
And it was like written all over my face:
"What the you doing here? Do you know me?"
And its looked like he also trying to remember me.
(Actually, we came from same hometown)
Do you get what I'm trying to tell?
That stupid-annoying-long-stare that I gave on my face ..
just why!! Why I'm doing that !
Ughh !

p/s: Next time when I bumped him again, 
I'll make sure I look normal --like human being.