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Sunday, January 20, 2013

School 2013 (Promote)

Okayyy . 
Searching for any Kpop Drama 
with different genre than romantic-hopeless -drama ?
 So , here my suggestion .
Go and watch : School 2013.
 I'm actually not the type of person 
who obsessed with Kpop Drama .
Because I get sick with too many 
romantic-cute drama these days .
(its make me hoping to something that never happen)
But this time , the genre is a total different .  
Basically this story tell about problems 
that student are facing .
Full with climax and conflict that make you
 unable to wait for the next episode 
(which then lead me to stay up for 
whole night watching this drama online)
This drama is full with friendship, 
hardship and challenge that students, teachers, and parents are facing
everyday that some people should know instead than keep blaming.
For soft-hearted person like ... me .
 You should prepare tissue before watching.
Some quotes that I like in this drama:
" To adults it might seem as a simple problem , but not to teenagers"
Okay . I need to stop writing.
You ! 
Don't forget to watch this drama .
Trust me, its worth .