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Monday, November 26, 2012


I'm totally off from topic this night .
This is just a part of my childish side.
hmm well .
 I don't know where to start .
But if you truly a Disney's fan you would probably know what I'm going to talk about by looking at those pictures .
Right ?
I miss Demi-Selena-Miley-Taylor friendship badly.
I'm growing up listening and following all these beautiful ladies .
I started to put a trust on friendship because of them.
They make me believe that no matter how hard life would be , 
it will be okay as long as you have friends by your side.
But I feel like I've been lied all this time.
I don't know if they having a bad time , 
but ,
 as a fan , 
I hope they can make through it.
I love all the memories that they made in 2009.
I know they all are growing up.
But still ,
 I hope they getting back together and 
rock all-hollywood Red Carpet together !
It's going to be awesome .
I hope that days will come.

A Demi-Selena-Miley-Taylor-'s fan.