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Monday, April 2, 2012


salam :)
yeaahh . I'm revealing another side of me that no one know , except ALLAH .
Viewing Facebook .
Watching 'Him' dealing perfectly with 'his' life .
Yess , I'm just another dumb Secret Admire .
Most people said , that you will never forget your first crush .
 And so do I .
I don't know where I should start .
Yes , we're friends .
You never know how much my heart blooming when you start the conversation 
Yes , I tried my hard to not being over reacted and acting fool .
 I hope you doing well with your life and living a happy life with the person that you loved most .
Nope !
 I will not going to 'stalk ' or waiting for you like a dumb person anymore.
I have my life , and I'm starting it with completely forgetting you .
yeahh , and I'll be waiting for the right person that I'll love and care .

Dear Crush ./ I hope you know .

p/s: Mostly my friends will laughing out loud on this post .