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Sunday, April 1, 2012


to my fellow friends :)
as you know , I just passed my SPM and i have received my result .
how much did I get ?
well . good enough for me .
muahahaha .
I fell bad that I've let my parents down .
even my parents did not said it directly to me
but I bet they feel disappointed even a little bit .
after a few months doing nothing .
I hope that I can further my studies .
I don't even care what kind of course that I will get ,
I will try my best in it .
I really really badly want to be the best, for myself and family.

p/s : Semangat Berkobar-kobar untuk belajar . Semoga if I feel down on future , I'll read this post and remind myself to study hard . Nak jadi macam member aku nehh , die belajar sebab die suke belajar dan die tak pernah terfikir pasal pasal bidang bidang ape nehh . Die belajar sebab die suke , dan Aku akan belajar sebab aku minat dan suke belajar ! yeahhhh !