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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I'm just done with stalking people through their FB and know what ? you better don't do the same , because it will just make you angry and annoying sometimes . 
WHY ? why you should act like that ? terukk sangat kah kami sehingga dilakukan begini . yes , i should admit that i have nothing to do with whatever you want to do but seriously , it hurt me instead . Terukk sngt ke silapp kami ? yes , memang kami yang buat kamu menangis setelah bertahun kamu di sana and so ? don't you EVER think that we have done the best that we could ? we try to apologize and being good towards you for like every time we see you and why still you hate us ? whatever . you will never know what it feel like to be US . yeah , we make mistake and at least we try to fix it . but why still you acting like that ? you shouldn't write something annoying on your FB profile . why ? is that you the one who have feeling in this world ? and what about us ? we also a human and seriously not an alien . why must we take care of what you feel while at the same time you ignore what me and my friend feel ? and yes , you older that us and so ? that was the mistake . people always thinks that their feeling is the most important things to be take care of and what about us ? damn . for the past few years, we being threat like a strange and you still hate us . WHY ? yess , what ever I say here would never change the way of you think about us and know what ? WE don't care . we have been struggle for a long years and of course we can make it through for the rest of our life . thanks you for all good thing that you give to us and also for the bad thing .
For my friends who together suffering with me on this annoying situation , congratulation . we the best .

important note : we are human and not alien . and seriously , 'WE' are represent of many people .