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Thursday, January 5, 2012

. it's the brand new start


happy new year all! but I have welcomed the new year in advance according to Islamic calendar. okay, in goals for the year? I hope I will be more mature than before. I want to show me the real world (over oo) I do not know, this year is different. not a student yet, do not live near the hostel again, not to meet with good friends and so forth. love them. I hope they will not forget me. imagine, doing things together almost every day, and now each had returned to their original places. hope to meet them.

okay, let's talk about blogs. please give interesting ideas for writing. I will do more to make my days bright and happy and have a story every day for writing.Additionally, I can not wait looking forward to the reappearance of the BigBang. Hopefully they have this year.
stop here, it was a very night. had to stop typing. need to save energy because tomorrow I will go to work. good luck all. I hope that whatever you all wish to see this year will be achieved. Let us work together to achieve our goals. Goodnight