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Friday, December 2, 2011

.YG for short ! :)

.just wanna share some info about YG that I've read .
.hahaha :)

starting for MAMA 2011.
Best Vocal Performer Group and Song Of The Year - 2NE1 - for their single "Lonely"

 Song Of The Year is "I Am The Best"

while Big Bang won for the Best Music Video for "Love Song "
(but BigBang does not attend the awards , if i've no mistaken )

.and other news about Big Bang ,
.for the YG concert, GD will be there !
.YG FAMILY concert will be held on 3 December !
Hoping for more Daragon ! HAHAHA.
.don't forget to listen for BigBang 'Haru-Haru' in Japanese version.

That's all for todayy :)