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Sunday, December 11, 2011

♥ hurt

by reading the quote, I hope you'll know how I get hurt by a person that I never thought will do that .
yeahh. it's more and more hurt when the person that let you down is a person who always stand by your side no matter what happen . I really didnt want to post this post . but i've to . I just dn't have a place to share my story . but, dn't get this post wrong ! It's not about a boy ! okay ! its about friend . a friend I've trust a lot . know what ? I should stop write about this . because i've promise with someone to -not-talk-about this anymore . just forgive HER , and take this as a lesson . I just hope that the Girl who make me and my friends dissapointed to realise wht she have done . we don't need any apologize statement or what ever. we just need YOU to know that what you did was wrong . Totally wrong ! and annoying ! . okay Girl ?
Love YOU a lots . thnks .