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Saturday, October 8, 2011


you ignored me,
so, I ignored you
we didn't talk
we drifted apart
soon, we became strangers
I just wish things turned out differently
I just want to says sorry because I cannot be the best for you. you make it this way, and i'll step on your game. anything happen I just wanna let you know that I always be there for you. anytime. people might look us like untrusted friends. but, they don't know what happening. I just wanna you to be happy. that all. you must know that : i'm gonna miss you. so, please don't act like you don't care. because that not the best way to learn. I respect your decision. i'm gonna miss all the moment that we have been through together. seriously , i'm gonna miss it. since years that we have been together, i'll never thought that i'll see the end of this. and FYI, it's hurt to see you with someone else. but, you look so happy and i not gonna wipe the smile on your face. IT'S HURT. really really. you laugh and walk like a champion on this game. IT'S HURT. i'm not gonna do anything. but you must mark my word , that i'll miss you forever and always.

And for those people who involve in this matter. 
I hope you all take a good care on her and feed her with love that me and my friends cannot give her.