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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


penat. penat . dan penat. penat sbb cume mampu tengok dari belakang. penat sbb tak mampu nk cakap ape yang patut aku cakap. penat sbb jd orang y tak mampu lawan diri sndri. penat sbb tak dapat lawan diri sndri. penat sangat sangat.penat jadi orng bodoh y sllu memerhatikan sampai tak perasan yng hati nehh suda tnggl cebisan jea.

i'm going to be a new AFRINA.
the one who have heart of plastic . (which never been broken even you throw me miles away).
i'm going to be a new ME.
the one who always worry about my own future. my life and family
i'm going to be a new PERSON
the one who always make a fake smile just to make sure everyone got a true smile

and wish me luck on being the NEW me :D