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Monday, December 27, 2010


shut up !

.you are the best thing that ever been mine

haloo ;)
.nothing to do today , well ! it like MOST every day i've nothing to do except sleep and sleep and SLEEP. blegh ! knw wht? this week must be the week tht i'll never forget ya'll. on the same day next week i'll not be able to sit infront this lappy any more. and HELO to my annoying little book ! muahaha.
okey ! done wth my sad sad story today !

tomorrow ! tomorrow ! tomorrow !
.hope it will be better than today
.of course laa, bcause cousin I datang sini meyh ! my sister laa nye pasal, ngade ngade sangat ! muahaha ! nak blajar kete pun must be accompanied ! huh* tak kesah laa. the most important is, she MUST pass driving test oke ! senang sikit laa aku nk jadi tuan puteri nnti. muahaha. untk my sister, dedicate enrty nehh tuk kau . fighting !