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Friday, December 31, 2010

.i'll be back

are you sure about this? man ! can't get enough of this holiday yeah ! well, promise myself to NOT BE SAD ! yeah ! back to school wth smile ;)
yeah, it MAYBE will be hard to say goodbye to family, friends and STUFF. but, i've choose my way and hve to go on wth my choice. hahaha. SPM ! need my focus. i've to make some sacrifice. forget lappy, forget tv , forget delicious food, forget sleep, and forget everything. getcha head in the game. road to SPM 2011. WOW ! sound like? emm.
.well, dedicate this entry for all my friends ! okey? it's not a matter where u are, u now are SPM candidate. soo, dn't make stupid things. ! put yourself AWAY from problemS tht make you regret ! okey. best of luck on ur study. always be there to support each other. !
wth love; me .