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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the end !

sorry ! malam neyh (mean I pagi !) daa pukul 1:04 am. i've made my decision. i'll forget ur ! not only YOU, tapi you jugak ! bukan ape, aku daa bahagia dengan hidup aku sekarang. aku tak nak laa berkawan dengan orang yang tak tahu nk hargai aku. FYI, i HAVE and FOUND a better friendS ! the wayy you treat me dude; very very very hurt my feeling. aku tak nak laa nnti korang label aku, 'perasaan' or 'pnyemak dlm hidup korang'. well, i've know you got your better life ! soo, you go on wth ur life, and i wth mine. no texting or chating wth you lg untl korang sndri y text aku dlu. bukan dendam or wht ever, tapi daa bnyk kali aku buat and korang abaikan jerk. soo, my decision. no more YOU and YOU ! tahu tak sakit hati?
and i'm wasting my holidayy jst to figure out the wayy to be the best for you.
i know, i have nothing ! i'm just a normal girl who LUCKY to have such an amazing people arround me who always be there when i need them ! and to people who always stand by myside, sorry if I let you down. and to the people who PRETEND to be by myside; thank you for pretending ! i don't need liar in my life !

the end; and thank you for reading !
p/s: to the people that I mean it in my post. sorry because i've to write this. but blogging is the ONLY way for me to express my feeling. and sorry if it hurt you feeling. FYI, i hurt wayy too much !

*okey, berani tulis sbb aku jamin KAU dan KAU tk kn bace blog aku nyh .